In accordance with Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine “On Audit of Financial Reporting and Auditing Activities”:

An individual can be recognized as an auditor if he/she possesses the following:

1) has higher education;

2) confirmed high level of theoretical knowledge and professional competence by successfully passing the corresponding examinations;

3) has passed practical training on conducting audit activity.


Theoretical knowledge is confirmed in the following fields:

1) standards of professional ethics and professional independence;

2) international auditing standards;

3) the legal basis/framework of the audit activity and the methods of carrying out the audits (professional skills);

4) risk management and internal control;

5) financial analysis;

6) management accounting;

7) International Financial Reporting Standards;

8) the theory of accounting and the legal framework for accounting and financial reporting;

9) tax legislation and legislation on social security contributions;

10) economic, civil, and labor legislation;

11) corporate law and legislation on restoration of the debtor’s solvency or recognition of bankruptcy;

12) information technologies and computer systems;

13) financial management for enterprises;

14) entrepreneurial economics and statistics.


Professional competence is confirmed by passing a qualification exam, which should certify the ability of a person to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Individuals who have previously taken university courses related to the fields specified in part two of this article for the minimum number of hours which are determined by the Certification Committee in accordance with the approved Procedure, and successfully passed the examinations, according to the decision of the Certification Committee, may not need to take additional courses and have their previous course work to be counted towards their qualification requirements in the relevant fields.

Persons who have passed the relevant theoretical exams in the areas specified in this article at the professional organizations that are valid members of the International Federation of Accountants and who are members of these organizations or are in the process of gaining membership in these organizations, by the decision of the Certification Committee may have their relevant course work be counted towards their qualification requirements in the relevant fields.

Auditors admitted to a statutory audit in any EU country intending to work in Ukraine should pass exams confirming their theoretical knowledge of Ukrainian legislation in areas such as auditing and accounting, tax legislation, and the legislation on social security contributions, labor, civil, economic legislation, including corporate law, and legislation on restoration of the debtor’s solvency or recognition of bankruptcy.

A person who has higher education and experience in the positions of an accountant, auditor, lawyer, finance expert, economist, assistant (assistant) of an auditor of at least 15 years, or has at least seven years of experience in these positions and has undergone an internship in the manner prescribed by the Law, can be certified according to the results of the qualification exam.

Qualification examinations and theoretical knowledge tests are conducted by independent assessment centers accredited by the Certification Committee.

Preparations for examinations in accordance with the programs approved by the Certification Committee may be conducted by higher education institutions and other institutions, professional organizations of auditors and accountants. A candidate for an auditor can prepare for examinations independently.

Individuals specified here, by the decision of the Certification Committee, shall prepare the test items for the examinations.

No individual can serve as a tutor and at the same time develop examination items.